Downloadable Harmonica Lesson Videos


We've got lots and lots of harmonica lessons (below) in all of the following categories : BLUES,  JAZZ, IRISH, HOT LICKS BLUEGRASS and MORE

All lessons are approximately 30-50 minutes in length and come with easy to read harmonica music (tablature) and simple instructions for reading the tablature. 

Most of the lessons come with play-a-long tracks as well. Each lesson is available for immediate download, most of them for the ridiculously low price of only $9.95. 

Click on any link below for a description or to sample or purchase  a lesson.


 20 Hot pentatonic licks and Exercises

20 Hot Melodic Blues Licks for Cross harp

20 Hot Blues/Jazz Licks for 3rd Position

10 Great Bluegrass Licks

10 Hot Jazz Licks Over a 2-5-1 Chord Progression

15 Hot Overblow Licks

25 Killer Pentatonic Patterns

25 Killer Blues Patterns

The Complete Guide To Overblowing

The Overblow Nuthouse


5 Easy Songs For beginners

Beginning Harmonica

Blues Jam For Beginners

Intro To The Blues

Complete Guide To Draw Bending

Lip Smackin’ Blues


The St.James Infirmary Blues  (melody and  solos in 4 positions)

The Fishing Blues  (in first position/great high end licks)

The St.Louis Blues

Blues On The Run

Baby Peas Don't Grow

Groove Thing #1

Groove Thing #2

Groove Thing #3


Slipped Disc (swing harmonica in 12th position)

Peg O’My Heart (melody and exercises for 12th position)

Peg O’ My Heart ( jazz solo)


Old Joe Clark

Sally Goodin'

Banish Misfortune (Irish Tune)

Sheebeg Sheemore ( Irish Tune)

101 Hot Harmonica Licks

Here is my newest e-book which comes with tablature and mp3 tracks of each lick. Also included are some real groovin'  playalong tracks- A steal for under 20 bucks...

                             Sandy Weltman 2012